10 Morning Habits That Will Set The Tone For Your Day


It is no secret that how you start your day, determines how you live your day. How you live your day, determines how you live your life. Successful people, athletes and high performers don't just roll out of bed, rush out the door and hope for the best. They have morning rituals and systems set in place that are designed to minimize decision making fatigue and set them up for success.

To make things easier for you, I have sequenced a new Rise & Shine yoga practice that is based on findings from neuroscience, to help break the fear-driven thought-loop of the reptile brain and tap into the part of the brain that is linked to creativity and inspiration. The class is designed to help you set and clarify your intentions to the universe, balance the chemistry in your body to align you with emotions that support you, unleash
positive thinking, productive imagination, and flip negative thoughts and behaviors to improve every aspect of your life.

To join, please see the new morning
schedule and as usual, my favorite part is that you get gifted, one FREE class. Just show up, and let the front desk know that you are my guest. Simple. Quick. Awesome!

Because there is only so much I can say during a one-hour yoga class, I want to share with you here 10-morning habits, that are very simple, but we all know that common sense is usually not common practice. These steps have personally served me and set me up for a life filled with success, ease, joy, and abundance. You are a creative powerful being that can cause an effect, and combining these rituals with your morning yoga practice will have a powerful impact that will show up in your business, work, relationships, and even your financial world!

10 Morning Habits That Will Set The Tone For Your Day

  1. Stay unplugged from any technology

  2. Hydrate

  3. List 3 things you are grateful for

  4. Make your bed

  5. Move your body & breathe

  6. Meditate

  7. Shower and get dressed for success

  8. Nourish your body with a healthy breakfast

  9. Set 3 professional goals & 3 personal goals

  10. Set an intention of how you want to FEEL for the day